The Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies (ACCS)

Founded in 2000, the Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies serves as a Regional Center, whose task is to accurately monitor and maintain a centralized Caribbean database, thereby ensuring acceptable data standards for all incoming and exported information on the works stored within this database. 

ACCS also acts as the communications “link” between the Caribbean copyright societies, facilitating regional integration and concentrated efforts in one common direction. ACCS can be viewed as the “umbrella” organisation which encompasses the author societies of the region, presenting one common voice on issues relating to Intellectual Property and authors’ rights.
Above all, the principal aim of ACCS is to place regional authors, composers and publishers in a better position to collect royalties from international markets.

About ACCS

The Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies (ACCS) functions as a central administration office servicing the Caribbean territory for the administration, registration and data management of copyright and related rights for musical, literary and artistic works as well as sound recordings and performances. ACCS provides its members, copyright and related rights collecting societies, with data management services. 

The Founding members of the ACCS are:

  • Trinidad & Tobago - Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad & Tobago (COTT)
  • Jamaica - Jamaican Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers Ltd (JACAP)
  • Barbados - Copyright Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers Inc. (COSCAP)
  • Eastern Caribbean – Eastern Caribbean Copyright Collective Organisation for Music Rights (ECCO) formerly, the Hewanorra Musical Society

Other members are:

  • Cuba – Agencia Cubana de Derecho de Autor Musical (ACDAM)
  • Belize – Belize Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (BSCAP)
  • Jamaica – Jamaica Music Society (JAMMS)
  • Jamaica – Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency (JAMCOPY)

What are the functions of ACCS?

As a data processing organization, ACCS:

  • Researches works and performances in cooperation with national collecting societies.
  • Researches, exports or otherwise makes regional data available to all collecting societies worldwide, and to other international data centres.
  • Maintains the integrity and functionality of the regional data network.
  • Assists with the royalty distribution data processing operations.

Using SGS, a database program created by the Spanish copyright society SGAE, ACCS is able to document musical works, as well as ensure the accurate identification of these works, in order to maximize royalty payments during the distribution process. SGS is used in the regional database that is shared by the ACCS societies, and comprises of their entire musical repertoire. This is used as the mechanism through which these societies can freely access the works of their Caribbean counterparts, as well as the works from international societies.

What are the advantages of ACCS?

Some of the benefits of ACCS include:

  • Improved copyright and related rights licensing, royalty collection and distribution in Caribbean countries where such operations are currently carried out.
  • Increased royalty distributions to Caribbean creators and right-owners, both in terms of the number of persons receiving royalty payments and the amounts each receives.
  • Significantly increased royalty collections in foreign markets.
  • Improved copyright and related rights licensing, royalty collection and distribution in the Caribbean.
  • Reduction in costs of collective management operations.
  • Transfer of collective management know-how to Caribbean nationals.
  • Standardization of data exchanges among the Caribbean and international societies.
  • The provision of a central point of contact for all documentation and distribution problems and resolutions.
  • The establishment of the corporate and technical infrastructure necessary for carrying out and developing collective management operations throughout the region and internationally.
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