Managing Negotiations and Contracts in Music Seminar

Event Start: Aug 15, 2016 (Monday)
Event End:   Aug 17, 2016 (Wednesday)

This is the second seminar in the series and are aimed at, on one part, enhancing the understanding of performers, especially women and youth, and, on the other part, building the capacity of artist managers and promoters in the music industry for managing contract negotiations in the music sector and for understanding contracts and legal arrangements.

Through analysis of real world case studies and examination of the requirements of music labels, recording studios, radio and television media, event and festival organizers, etc. both performers (artists) and managers will become better versed in the different types of relationships which require contractual and or other types legal arrangements and get practical insights into what types of contracts necessary in the different situations.

Event Videos

Instructor: Keith Harris
What is Copyright
What are Neighboring Rights
Types of Contracts
Essentials of a Contract
Instructor: John Smith
Music Union History and Importance Part 1
Music Union History and Importance Part 2

Event Documents

Instructor: Keith Harris
Live Performance Download
Specimen Management Agreement Download
Specimen Publishing Agreement Download
Specimen Recording Agreement Download
Instructor: John Smith
Musicians’ Union Members’ Handbook 2016 Download
Performers’ Trade Unions, Guilds & Associations Download
Status of the Artist Download
Trade Union - Benefits & Services Download