Fundamentals of the Business of Music

Event Start: Jun 29, 2016 (Wednesday)
Event End:   Jul 01, 2016 (Friday)

The fundamentals of the business of music seminar series is a 2-3 day foundation program delivered in a workshop format that will help participants to develop a better understanding of the essentials of business and management in today’s music industry including identifying and managing their intellectual property assets, marketing, social media, production, working with managers and producers, internationalization and business planning.

It will also address issues related to the impact of changes in technology on the sector, regional licensing trends, and the practicalities and importance of registering intellectual property assets and copyright management. The mix of topics is intended to help current and aspiring stakeholders in the music sector implement better business practices in managing their careers and or in launching their entrepreneurial ideas in the music sector.

Event Videos

Instructor: Chris Cooke
Making Money from Music Part 1
Making Money from Music Part 2
Music Rights Part 1
Music Rights Part 2
The Digital Market Part 1
The Digital Market Part 2
The Digital Market Part 3
Intro to Deals and Artist Management
Evolving Your Business

Event Documents

Instructor: Chris Cooke
CMU Insights Download
CMU Insights Digital Dollar Report Download
CMU Insights Slides Download
Instructor: Sari Delmar
Developing Your Brand 1 & 2 Download