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NORCODE Regional Training Program

Training opportunity on collective management for music and reprograhic organizations.NORCODE...

ACCS Annual Board Meeting 2017

ACCS Annual Board Meeting 2017

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Call for Applications - Business of Music Seminar...

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Call for Applications - Business of Music Seminar Series

Women in Music Seminar (13 May 2016)

This seminar is aimed at building greater awareness of the various professional and career roles within the global music industry with a view to creating an understanding of what strategies women within the Caribbean region can utilize to advance their own careers in those roles. The seminar intends to draw on international good practices and will explore the possibility of establishing a local network supporting women in music.

Fundamentals of the Business of Music Seminar (29 June to 1 July, 2016)

The fundamentals of the business of music seminar series is a 2-3 day foundation program delivered in a workshop format that will help participants to develop a better understanding of the essentials of business and management in today’s music industry including identifying and managing their intellectual property assets, marketing, social media, production, working with managers and producers, internationalization and business planning. It will also address issues related to the impact of changes in technology on the sector, regional licensing trends, and the practicalities and importance of registering intellectual property assets and copyright management. The mix of topics is intended to help current and aspiring stakeholders in the music sector implement better business practices in managing their careers and or in launching their entrepreneurial ideas in the music sector.

Managing Negotiations and Contracts in Music Seminar (15 to 17 August, 2016)

This is the second seminar in the series and are aimed at, on one part, enhancing the understanding of performers, especially women and youth, and, on the other part, building the capacity of artist managers and promoters in the music industry for managing contract negotiations in the music sector and for understanding contracts and legal arrangements. Through analysis of real world case studies and examination of the requirements of music labels, recording studios, radio and television media, event and festival organizers, etc. both performers (artists) and managers will become better versed in the different types of relationships which require contractual and or other types legal arrangements and get practical insights into what types of contracts necessary in the different situations.

Accessing International Markets Seminar (26th - 30th September, 2016)

This Seminar is aimed at building capacity for accessing global markets for music. It will build on the successes of past participation by Caribbean artists in WOMEX and other international music festivals and build capacity for (i) identifying the key factors necessary for optimizing participation of Caribbean stakeholders in terms of creating networking and concrete business opportunities; and (ii) successfully navigating international music showcases using WOMEX as the ‘field testing’ arena. This will involve, among other things, training on marketing and promotion of music products and services; use of social media to build enabling business and client networks; and best practices on performing (showcasing) for non-traditional audiences of emerging music genres.

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The Business of Music seminar series is an initiative of the Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies (ACCS) implemented through its technical implementation arm ACCSXPORT with funding from the Caribbean Development Bank. This first series is being implemented as a pilot in Barbados in collaboration with COSCAP. Wider regional roll out planned for subsequent years.

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