The C-Note is a regional database of sound recordings created by the ACCS.  It contains music of all genres from across the Caribbean and has as its primary objective improving and increasing access to the region’s music.  It is specifically targeted at digital music aggregators and distributors, advertisers, audio-visual productions and generally any-one who is interested in Caribbean music.


1. Do I have to be a member of a CMO to participate in the C-Note?

No, you do not have to be a member of a CMO, but you must own the rights in the sound recordings  and underlying composition(s) you license to the C-Note database.

2. Can I participate if I jointly own sound recordings?

Yes, you may still participate if you jointly own sound recordings, but all the rights holders must sign authorising C-Note to make the sound recordings available.

3. Suppose I have done deals with digital aggregators or distributors before, can I still participate in C-Note?

You can participate in C-Note provided that you have not granted exclusive rights for the licensed recordings to another party.

4. How much will I be paid by C-Note?

C-Note will only pay for actual use of your sound recording.  The C-Note database tracks all streams and downloads from the platform so that we know exactly which recordings are used. Your payment will depend on the total amount of licence fees collected and the number of times your work is performed.

5. If I join C-Note should I then resign from my CMO?

No. C-Note is not a CMO but a licensing vehicle solely for the licensing of the making available right in sound recordings for digital use and in its production music library if you opt in for that service.  It does not replace your CMO which will continue to pay you for the public performance and broadcast of your sound recordings.

6. Who can become a C-Note affiliate?

To become an affiliate you should be from one of ACCS territories and be the holder of the rights in at least one sound recording (and its underlying composition).  If you are from a non-ACCS CARICOM territory, you may still apply and the Board of the Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies (ACCS) will consider your application for approval.

7. What is the relationship between C-Note and ACCS?

The C-Note database is owned and operated by ACCS.

8. What type of music can I submit for the C-Note database?

You are free to submit music of all genres to the database.

9. How do I become an affiliate of C-Note?

There is a single processing fee of US$20 to become an affiliate.  Simply visit www.accscaribbean.com/c-note to complete and submit the application form or contact your local CMO for assistance.

10. What is the difference between Stations and Playlists?

Playlists are a set list of curated tracks covering various genres, moods and themes in which creators can play the tracks in order, shuffled, or repeatedly.  Stations can endlessly play a larger set of tracks from specified genres and are always shuffled.

11. Are there geographic restrictions to using C-Note?

The C-Note is currently only available to residents of CARICOM.  There may be a few exceptions made and you should submit a direct query if you are a non-CARICOM resident.

C-Note Affiliation Form

If you are a citizen of CARICOM and the owner of rights in master recordings and musical works and would like to participate in the C-Note initiative, please complete and submit the application form.

Affiliation form