About ACCS

ACCS is the leading support organisation for Caribbean Copyright industry. Its mission is to provide leadership and expertise whilst promoting the use of copyright protected materials maximise returns to stakeholders.

Founded by COTT, JACAP, COSCAP, and ECCO, the Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies (ACCS) which was previously called the Caribbean Copyright Link (CCL) acts as the communications “link” between the Caribbean collective management organisations (CMOs), and also, between the CMOs and key other stakeholders in the creative industries.

Importantly, the ACCS works to develop regional standards on the governance of CMOs and operational matters such establishing licensing practices.  It also acts as a centralised negotiation and licensing system for its members and undertakes lobbying and advocacy activities. Above all, the principal aim of ACCS is to place regional authors, composers and publishers in a better position to collect royalties from international markets.

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